Thursday, November 10, 2016

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions You Should Add Right Now!

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Gone are the days when people used Internet Explorer. In today’s world Google Chrome and Mozilla have taken over the regime. While we all love Chrome for its smoothness and efficiency, most of us still do not know that Google Chrome has a lot more features up its sleeves.

Extensions are small programs which enhance the functionality of the chrome browser in any required manner. Be it checking Alexia Rank of a website, downloading videos or blocking ads; there is an extension for anything and everything to make your life much easier!

While there are thousands of such extensions, some are extremely useful to every chrome user out there, regardless of profession, interests or background. 

Every new addition to this list takes these users by surprise.  Let’s discuss a few extensions which you need to add to your browser right now!

1. Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker can display the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox.  The same extension will enable you to open your inbox with just one click.

2. Evernote Web Clipper

If you are an ardent Evernote fan, you would be happy to have this extension which let you add those interesting snippets to Evernote quickly. The saved items will be retrievable with a back link to the original page with ease.

3. Dropbox for Gmail

Retrieval and transmitting of links and files is easy with this extension- Dropbox for Gmail, especially if you are using Dropbox as the main storage to save your stuff. It also speeds up the dispatch the shared links.

4. Save as PDF

With this extension, creating a PDF document from a webpage is hassle free. Now you can download any web page that interests you as a PDF file with just one click.

5. AdBlock

Sometimes the pop-ups, advertisements and even embedded videos are way too annoying and seem a serious waste of time. They even have the capability to distract you from serious jobs and ruin your flow and focus. Not anymore! The Goggle extension AdBlock blocks any such unwanted interruptions and helps you live more efficiently.

6. goo.go URL Shortener

This extension can save your precious time and energy. Neither you need to type the entire web address every time, nor is there any need to send long irritating links anymore. This extension creates a shorter version for every link.

 7. Shareaholic 

This is a long sought after facility for linking the social media to your desk top. It converts the current web page you're on into a short URL and allows you to share it on social media sites.

8. Split Screen

Split Screen extension helps you split your browser's view port to suit your specific needs and lets you view more than one window at a time,

9. Boomerang for Gmail

You can now schedule messages to be sent on  a later date with this simple button on your browser. No need to create task lists and drafts anymore. Boomerang will let you schedule mails even if you are offline.  

10. Todoist

Keep forgetting important tasks while browsing web? Wish there was a list which could stay right in front you while you chat with your buddies on Facebook? Todoist lets you make a very simple list of tasks that need to be taken care of, with extreme ease and comes with additional features of alarms, comments, categorization and much more.

We are sure you don’t want to be left behind in this advanced era and want to take full advantage of all the latest technologies around you! Then what are you waiting for? Explore the Chrome extension store and become the tech king of your circle!

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