Thursday, January 12, 2017

Amazon Prime or Netflix?

Amazon prime and Netflix are two newbies for online streaming videos in India. These let you watch your favorite shows TV shows, movies and much more anywhere and any day.

While Amazon is a very latest entry in India, Netflix has nearly completed its first year in the country.
Let’s take a tour of both of them one by one!

             Netflix India

·        Netflix India is increasing its user base pretty fast in India, though around 50% of its users are based in US.

·        Netflix in India is pretty costlier than its competitors charging as low as Rs 500 to watch shows and movies on a single screen at one time. For Rs 650, they will get access to two simultaneous screens and four for Rs 800 — this also has UHD content.

·        Netflix has only credit card option to pay for the subscription apart from PayPal. Debit card option is not available as of now.

·        You wouldn’t find the whole catalog of shows that you would normally find on the standard Netflix in US for example. House of cards and Game of thrones are not available for India. You could still use VPN (like VPN hola or tunnelbear) and watch any show you want to.

·        Talking about content, Netflix leaves its competitors far behind in the race. This is especially because of the Netflix original series like the game of thrones, orange is the new black etc.
·        A great deal of regional contents is not available on Netflix in India. You would, though, find it pretty good.

·        Internet speeds do play an important role in your online video streaming experience.
Netflix works pretty well on even a slow speed like 512 kbps internet speed.


·        Amazon prime videos have a clear edge in the pricing of the contents. Amazon charges 499/- INR for a complete year with is way less than Netflix at around 40 per month. In addition to this you get the free delivery options and many other perks on the website itself.

·        The content on Prime is less as compared to Netflix owing to the date of launch in India. They are adding shows to the catalog on a weekly basis right now.

·        Amazon stores a number of Hindi movies and shows that Netflix does not. Amazon prime has its focus on local content too while Netflix continues to keep its focus on International content.

·        The subscription can even be bought on cash on delivery which certainly is an edge over Netflix.

·        Amazon originals like Mozart in the Jungle, Man in the High Castle, Transparent, etc do prove to be a great deal in the subscription. Although, the focus is usually on sitcoms like two broke girls, Amazon original transparent, two and a half men etc. great deal of Hindi shows are available on the platter.

·        Online streaming issues are usually not present and depend a lot on the service provider and are usually the same for Amazon and Netflix.

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