Thursday, January 12, 2017

Uber vs Ola

A new city tour couldn’t be as easy as of now without these two words. The world of possibilities has come up with another in the form of the ride hailing apps offering warm, cosy, comfortable rides at affordable rates.

Today, in most Indian cities both Ola and Uber have a presence but when comparing the features they provide both are neck to neck with each other; often making it difficult to choose one.

Let’s take a virtual ride of them one by one:

   ·       Uber is an international brand. You could hail a ride in London or in Mumbai with the same ease making it a preferred option for some.
   ·        Uber has very recently updated its application making it very easy to book rides and added a number of new features.
   ·       Uber cars are usually inspected well before being allowed to chauffeur, thus the level of cleanliness is usually better than any other ride hailing apps in the country.
   ·       Uber has recently started accepting cash payments for the rides making it easier to book for anyone without the card. Paytm option is another inclusion.
   ·       Uber mainly focuses on the luxurious experience of the riders and thus doesn’t make them feel like they are in a taxi. No advertisements of any sort on the cars. The drivers are far more professional than Ola’s.
   ·       Uber offers a wide range of ride types depending on the customer’s requirement viz. Ubergo, UberX, Uberblack and so on so forth.

   ·       Ola is an Indian brand targeting equally the tier 1 and tier 2 cities of the country.
   ·       Ola certainly seems to have an edge with its widespread presence with around 80 cities serviceable all over India.
   ·       The Ola app is more Indian user based and plain and easy to use. They have their own wallet ‘Ola money’ that can be used for not just ride hailing but for payments of your movie tickets and much more.
   ·       Riding an Ola can sometimes be a bit nagging as the cars are sometimes not properly checked and stinking broke cars are passed to chauffeur the passengers.
   ·       Ola, simply put, is far behind Uber in the experience that a rider takes.
   ·       A number of features are provided by Ola, which are difficult to find on any other similar platform. Perks also include free Wi-Fi to the riders.
   ·       A number of options are available based on the rider’s requirement viz Ola mini, Ola sedan, Ola prime etc. Each one has its own high. 

     We hope we have made your decisions easier!

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