Thursday, January 12, 2017

Broadband Providers in India

Downloading movies, games, software  from internet becomes difficult with a messy, slow and very costly  internet connection ,right?

The solution is a good broadband connection!
The top broadband brands in India are AIRTEL, BSNL,RELIANCE .
Rail-wire is another big player  limited to certain locations but is a real good broadband service provide with blazing speeds.
We’ll  break down the most important features that everyone needs from a WiFi connection below:


·        Just awesome! They are reliable and fast; though quite expensive.

  • ·        All UL Plans are above 1000 INR. Though speed is always there as promised. You never get speeds less than 512Kbps anyhow.
  • ·        Airtel broadband is a little costly but worth. Their down time is just negligible.
  • ·        Airtel is hugely loved for it’s issue resolving capabilities that get your issues resolved within 24 hours of the complaint filing.
  • ·        Airtel broadband usually has a presence in most locations.


  • ·        BSNL is the most trusted brand of India. BSNL broadband costs less and gives an average speed and services.  It is the most cosmopolitan broadband of the country.

  • ·        BSNL provides services which are way too disappointing with respect to any issues pertaining to a faulty broadband. You will find yourself filing a complaint for poor connectivity in the local BSNL office every now and then.

  • ·        BSNL has started offering minimum of 2Mbps broadband speed from 1st October 2016 which is better than Airtel

  • ·        Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has unveiled an entry level new promotional broadband plan called Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 (BB249) postpaid. Users will get 2Mbps speed for the first 1GB of data, and thereafter get 1Mbps speed for the rest of the month. This means that if subscribers use about 300GB of data in a month, they are effectively paying less than Rs. 1 per GB of high-speed data.


  • ·        Reliance broadband is the best broadband service provider when your data usage is too high. Reliance truly provides an unlimited data.

  • ·        Equipped with dual ring fiber architecture with FTTB (Fiber-to-the-building), the Reliance internet broadband offers exceptional uptime and access speeds for offices.

  • ·        With the upcoming Jio 4G broadband waiting to be raked up, Reliance's high speeds would be affordable and real high.

  • ·        Reliance broadband allows you to select from a wide choice of bandwidth options, up to 12 Mbps with postpaid plans.

  • ·        Unfortunately, it’s service locations are the most disappointing.You need to check if the services are available in your area.

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