Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Forgotten Your Android Password?

Did you forget your phone’s password ?
Do you wish to unlock the phone even if you lose the data?
Here to help you!

Passwords were invented for the security of your data. If you don’t have the password to use a phone then you cannot get into it and view its content. If you could then there would be no purpose in having a password. This might disappoint you a bit!
If you want to unlock your device, you’ll have to make the android forget its password. Meaning, you’ll have to delete every single bit of data from your phone and lose it.
Before we get into resetting your Android and its current password or unlock pattern I would like to point out that after trying to enter the phones pass code incorrectly a number of times most Android smartphones will display a “Too many pattern attempts! To unlock, sign in with your Google account” message which should allow you to try logging into your phone using your Google account information.
If you can use your Google account to access your phone instead of performing a reset then it will be a huge convenience as you won’t lose any important data currently stored to your cell phone and it should allow you to once again access your smartphone and update your cell phones unlock pattern. 

So if you remember your primary Google accounts username (your Gmail address) and its password then just input it into these fields tap the “Sign in” button, update your phones unlock pattern and enjoy. If you have forgotten this information then there are some options available which may allow you to recover it and access your Google account once again.
If you’ve lost your Google password too, only factory reset could give you access to the phone. That anyway would be a new phone altogether without any previous information.

Steps to factory reset your phone when you’ve forgotten even your Google password:

1.Turn off your Android device.
2. Press and hold the "power", "volume down", and "camera" buttons simultaneously. If your mobile device does not have a camera function, just press and hold the "power" and "volume down" buttons.
3. Release the buttons once your Android device is powered on.
4. Scroll using your "Volume up and down" button until you finds the "Factory Data Reset" option. Please note that this will erase all the contents of your mobile.
5. Tap the "Factory Data Reset" option.

That’s it.

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