Thursday, December 29, 2016

10 Productivity Apps for Everyone

Business environment is dynamic. These apps help entrepreneurs and business professionals speed up their work. Time management is an important skill for anyone in a work environment. These apps help manage time and resources and get the work done on time.
1. Evernote is simple and a free version app that lets you scribble notes and thoughts and save them. You can capture photos, sync files, web pages with this app. Wunderlist is yet another app that helps you capture ideas and tasks on the fly.
2. Dropbox helps you share photos, documents, and videos with any type of laptop or mobile device.
3. Audible lets you listen to audio books, without you having to read them. You can use this as you are travelling or running errands, or doing any chores.
4. TripIT helps frequent fliers keep travelling schedules. This app organizes all of your travelling schedules and booking.
5. Lastpass is a password manager that lets you fill up forms and any accounts online where passwords are needed. You can also buy the premium version for $12.
6. CamCard helps you take contact information and pictures of business card. All the information of the business card is accurately stored using this app. This way you will never lose a business prospect or their contact information.
7. TMetric is a time tracking software. It is a free app where you can add tasks and break tasks.
8. Taskworld lets you visualize tasks with graphs and highlight critical areas in the task.
9. EasilyDo is a virtual assistant that lets you organize emails and contacts.
10. Pocket is an app that saves interesting articles and videos on the web for a later viewing.The list of content that is saved is accessible on tablet, PC, mobile phone, or any device. You can also view the content in the offline mode. You can view and read the content during flight travel, commute, or just about anywhere once you open the app.

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