Friday, December 23, 2016

Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts makes navigating through applications and processes easier. Most of the experienced users use these shortcuts to get around working on the Windows operating system with ease. New users can easily learn these keyboard shortcuts and work with speed on their Windows operating system.

Combination Keys for System Programs

  • Press ALT+TAB to switch between programs that are open. 
  • ALT+F4 is used to quit any open application. 
  • SHIFT+DELETE is used to permanently delete a file. Doing so the files gets automatically deleted from the trash can and you do not have to perform a separate delete for this file. 
  • Windows Key+L locks the screen of the computer/ locks the computer.

Combination keys for navigating through applications
  • CTRL+C is used to copy the contents of the text and the image in any file, or copy anything on the Windows operating system before pasting it in the destination location.
  • CTRL+Y does the redo of any undone or modified content in the file.
  • CTRL+Z performs the 'undo' task for any operation performed on the file or the Windows operating system.
  • CTRL+V performs the operation of pasting any file on the system.
  • CTRL+B is used to bold the content any open document that has text.
  • CTRL+I is used to Italicize the text content in a file.
  • CTRL+U is used to underline any text content in a file.
  • F1 opens the Windows help menu.
  • SHIFT+Right click opens the shortcut menu.
  • ALT+double click opens the properties of any file.
Keyboard only commands
  • ALT+TAB is used to switch between open programs.
  • ALT+ DOWN arrow opens the windows task manager.
  • ALT+SPACE key opens the system menu to resize, move, minimize, or maximize any window.

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