Thursday, December 15, 2016

What to do after you Uninstall a Software?

One of the most common mistakes most of the users commit after uninstalling software is not cleaning its values from the system registry. Not doing so will create problems in re-installation of the same software again as it would coincide with the old values. Sometimes, software does not uninstall and throws errors when the user attempts to uninstall. At this point, there are a few steps to be followed to uninstall the program.

The regular method to uninstall any program is to go to the control panel and click on the program to uninstall and let it run its course. If the program still does not uninstall, you can run system restore, and choose a restore point. Once the restore point is created, install the program, so that if anything goes wrong, you can restore your system to an earlier time.
In Windows 8, you can search for the program that does not uninstall and click on it to uninstall once it shows up in the search menu. Sometimes, the program that is installed does not get listed in the programs menu of the control panel. In such a case, this is one method to uninstall the program.
On the start screen of Windows 8, all the installed programs are listed. You can right click on any of these programs that you want to uninstall and remove them from the system. If neither of these methods works, reinstall the same program to uninstall them. Applications, like the Microsoft Office suite that come with many inbuilt applications that have system dependencies can be tricky to uninstall. Such suites have their own uninstaller and troubleshooting options for uninstallations of any of the applications within the suite.

There are many tools online that can be installed which remove old and unused programs, and corrupted files of installations. They also remove programs with forced uninstallations option. Programs that take up a lot of space and won’t uninstall, a tool called Powershell can be used which uninstalls even the most stubborn applications that won’t uninstall through standard procedures.

The most common types of software that are wearisome to uninstall are the antivirus and security software applications. For such applications, you can use an external app like the App Remover and uninstall them.
You can also remove the entries of the uninstalled program from regedit, the registry editor. For this, open the registry editor, and go to the HKey local machine, Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version in the left hand panel. Then click on the folder of the application that you want to uninstall. Right click on that folder and delete it.

You can also go to the SAFE MODE and click on the program files listed in the Windows directory, Drive C, and delete that folder listed in the common files. Now click run msconfig and click the option that says BOOT. INI and uncheck the SAFE MODE and reboot your system.

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