Thursday, December 29, 2016

Important Hacks and Tricks for Microsoft Excel

Most of the businesses use Microsoft Excel to create charts and represent information. There a few hacks that one can follow to easily speed up the work when working on this application program.
  • You can select all the cells in the spreadsheet all at once, you can click on the circled square in the workbook. You can also use CTRL+A to select all the cells at once.
  • Open the source workbook and target workbook to copy and paste any information. For this open the source workbook and right click on the sheet and select 'move to copy.' From the selected list, select the sheet where you want to copy from the list and click ok.
  • To add multiple rows and columns at once, select the rows where you want new rows or columns to appear. Then right click on the row where you want the new row or column to appear and select 'insert.'You can see new rows inserted. You can follow the same method to insert columns, by selecting the columns instead of rows.
  • On a spreadsheet that has data that needs to be sorted, you can select the rows and click on data, and select filter. The selected rows will show drop down menus where you can click or unclick the selection to filter the data.
  • If you have a formula that you want to appear on the other rows. Simply input the formula once in the B2 cell. Next drag it across a range of cells so that the formula appears.
  • If you want to number the data, then just add the number in one cell and drag the cell down to as many numbers as you need. Additionally, you can click on the small box that appears next to the cell and select how you want to fill the numbers.
  • If you want to see the information of any cell, highlight it, and the information appears at the bottom of the worksheet.

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