Friday, December 23, 2016

Now make Browsing easier with these Simple Tricks and Hacks!


Social media plugins, login issues, saving important file formats, speeding up the browser, and many more tricks can be performed to make the use of the internet and other tools perform well and make them secure. Internet is one of the most unsecure platforms. A few tricks and hacks can be performed to make the browsing secure and use the internet properly.

Social Media Plugins
  • Buffer is a service and a button that can be added to your blogs when you get a free account with Buffer. It lets you add tweets to the Buffer page by shortening the link. 
  • Lightshot is a screenshot tool for a browser that can let you upload the screenshot and save it in the hosting account. Bloggers who use screenshots regularly can find this tool handy. 
  • AdBlock is a good tool to install in the browser as it blocks all the ads that open automatically as dialog boxes and hide the content of the website. This is a useful tool, as some of the ads might contain virus get installed in your computer's system drive. 
  • Rockmelt is a browser that comes with inbuilt social media tools and plugins. 
  • Facebook Chat is a tool that lets you chat with your Facebook friends even when you are not logged into your Facebook login page.
Commands for Webpages
  • CTRL+T opens a new blank page in a browser that has tabbed browsing. 
  • CTRL+ENTER key completes the URL of the website that is half typed. You can jus type the main domain name and hit this combination keys to complete the web address of that web page. 
  • Word+ 'Define' can be used to find the definition of any word in Google. That is, type the word in the Google spacebar and type 'define' next to it and hit enter to get the definition of any word. You don't have to use a dictionary to find the definition of any word. 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+T is the key combination for the Chrome browser to reopen a browser that has been closed accidentally. 
  • CTRL+ and CTRL- are the key commands to increase or decrease the text size in the browser. 
  • Use the Keyword - Another keyword in the Google browser to find accurate results. For instance, if you type Selena Gomez - Justin Beiber, you will find results only related to Selena Gomez.\
That's it! You have now saved a huge chunk of time. Use it wisely!

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