Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ways to Keep your Computer Hardware Clean

You don't need a professional help to clean the peripherals of the computer. You can follow simple procedures to clean the computer. Dust inside the computer can slow down the performance. You must periodically clean the parts of the computer so you can make it work at optimum levels. This way, you can avoid repairs by maintaining the computer parts yourself and keeping it clean.
Before cleaning the computer, shut it down, remove the flea power if you are using a desktop PC, and unplug the peripherals to start cleaning the computer. Never clean the system while it is still on.
  • To clean the keyboard, unplug it and gently turn it upside down to remove any dirt and the clean the keys of the keyboard.
  • To remove the dirt stuck inside the mouse, turn it upside down and clean the internal parts of the mouse with a soft fleece cloth.
  • Many computer stores sell cleaning liquids and a soft cloth with which you can clean the monitor of the computer. Avoid using water for cleaning any parts as much as possible.
  • Always use an anti-static cloth to clean any part of the computer so it attracts any dust or lint onto the cloth and cleans the parts thoroughly.
  • The system fan is likely to catch dust. You can open the computer and clean it with a soft cloth or take professional help for cleaning the internal parts of the system or the laptop. This kind of cleaning keeps the system from getting corrupted and keeps its speed working at optimum level.
  • You can use foam or cotton swabs around the computer and use alcohol to clean the case of the computer.
  • You can open the CD or DVD roms and clean the internal case with the cloth. This is the secondary storage device that requires regular cleaning.
  • Likewise, you can clean the headphones, printers, and all external devices with the same procedure.
  • Never ever vacuum clean any of the internal device as they have sensitive LEDs or buses and other parts that might get corrupted.

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