Thursday, December 29, 2016

10 Settings in Browsers to Speed Them Up

Sometimes, the users can face browser speed problems, regardless of having a good bandwidth. These tweaks in the browser's can help speed up the browsing and page loads when using the internet. You can use these settings in Chrome browser and Firefox browser as mentioned here and speed up the page load times and enhance the browsing experience.
1. View attachments in Google
If you have an attached PDF file, word document, spreadsheet, or any other file that can be opened as an HTML file, open them with Google files so they load fast. If you have to send them for printing, you can still use this method to save time. You can make edits in the same documents as well.
2. Tracemonkey plugin for social media
This is the speed daemon for the Firefox search engine and loads Javascript of all the applications and pages related to Google.
3. Speed tweaks in Chrome browser
Search for num-raster-threads after pressing CTRL+F and change its default value to 4. You can 'enable-smooth-scrolling' for faster scrolling when using the browser.
4. Block ads and javascript
You can use plugins like Adblock Plus and Flashblock to block ads that open in dialog boxes when you open the browser.
5. Disable extensions in Chrome
You can type 'chrome://extensions' and uncheck the 'enabled' option. Doing so can speed up the browsing experience as these plugins and extensions will not eat up the speed.
6. Disable plugins in Chrome
You can disable plugins in Chrome by typing 'chrome://plugins' in the local bar and clicking on the disable option.
7. Remove web apps
Type 'chrome://apps' and click on the app that you want to remove to remove them from the browser.
8. Enable prefetch for faster page loads
In the Chrome browser go to the Options > Settings > Show advanced settings and click on 'Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.'
9. Enable cache in Chrome
Type 'chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend' and select enable. This will speed up the browser speed.
10. Close windows and tabs faster in Chrome
Search for 'enable-fast-unload' and enable it.

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